Welcome to Desert Dwelling!

My name is Ivana Jorgensen, and as a lifelong desert dweller, I have always wanted to share the beauty of life in my hometown with everyone I meet. Any Las Vegas native knows that our city is so much more than big buildings, bright lights, and crazy characters. A few miles outside of all the wild hustle and bustle, Las Vegas also boasts breathtaking views, scenic surrounds, and a vibrant fashion and art culture that has been growing by the day.

I have been in love with Las Vegas since the moment I was old enough to understand its beauty, and I knew I wanted to give back to it somehow. I graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Elementary Education, then went on to acquire my Master's in Education. Five years later, I suddenly woke up and decided that teaching just wasn't for me. That's when I made the drastic decision to quit my career as an elementary school teacher.

I found myself needing an outlet for my creativity and became inspired to share my passions with the rest of the world. Through showcasing my love for fashion, lifestyle, and desert-inspired home decor, blogging allows me to create beautiful and relatable content that will inspire others around me to follow their dreams and share pieces of what they love with the world.

We purchased our first home in 2017 and dove right into major renovation projects, many of which I will also be documenting and revealing here! I am so excited to finally have my own slice of the Internet to share my passions with all of you and can't wait to see where this little blog takes us. Thanks for coming along!



All photos on this site were taken by my husband, Sean Jorgensen, unless otherwise stated.